Below is a list of my current favourite Productivity applications and tools. Click the links to purchase - note that some of the below will result in me receiving a commission payment, however the applications below would not be present if they didn't form an integral part of my workflow. Thanks!

OmniFocus 2 is still the application I rely on to help me keep on top of my actions list. The ability to have sequential tasks as well as using Defer Dates is really important. Syncing with iOS is improving regularly - it's still the king for me.

Due has surprised me. I'm about simplicity and didn't want to use more than one to-do app on any platform, however when I absolutely HAVE to get something done on a certain day, it goes into Due. The continual reminders, every five minutes, are a REAL help. Love this app.

BusyCal by BusyMac is an easy choice for me. Filtered views for calendars, the ability to have Exchange integration as well as my Google Calendars and shared iCloud ones - it's a great app. With an iOS app that rocks every bit as much, I don't need to look elsewhere.

DEVONthink Pro Office is rapidly increasing in importance in my life. It's a paperless office solution that holds all of notes, documents, bills, receipts - you name it - if it would ordinarily go in a filing cabinet, I'll be able to find it in DEVONthink.

Creating Flow with OmniFocus is a great book by Kourosh Dini that I have read many times. It not only walks the OmniFocus newcomer through the early steps of using the application, it also goes into some very advanced techniques for managing Projects, Perspectives and Contexts. Every time I read it, I pick up something else and if you are serious about OmniFocus, it's a must read.

Streaks is a habit tracking application on iOS. There is a lot of competition in this field, however the integration with the Health application is what sets it apart for me. I can set a desired habit of drinking 2L of water a day and Streaks will automatically pick up the information from the Health App. Similarly for step tracking. It's a wonderful app with a great watchOS accompaniment as well.

Workflow is often referred to as 'Automator for iOS'. That's pretty accurate as Workflow can be used to string together repetitive tasks on iOS into one application, or 'workflow'. Saving files as PDFs, creating GIFs, extracting links from sites - it's all achievable with Workflow and with a great gallery of pre-created workflows to choose from, there is no level of knowledge required to use it.

TextExpander by Smile Software is one of those apps that can genuinely call itself a time saver. The premise is simple. Type a few keystrokes and the text expands to sentences, paragraphs, pages, images - anything you like. It's a great application and has saved me, literally, days of typing since I started using it.

Learn Omnifocus is a site run by Tim Stringer, an expert in holisitic productivity. There are some great video resources here as well as frequent webinars. I love this site and urge you to check it out if you are an OmniFocus user.

Zen and the Art Of Work is a course created by Kourosh Dini with one purpose - to help you enhance your focus and get on top of your workload, no matter how great it is. The videos are short with beautiful interpretation, both aurally and visually. You feel a little calmer just watching them.

Clean My Mac 3 keeps my Macbook Pro lean and mean. I've got a weekly task in OmniFocus 2 setup that runs through not only the cleaning of erroneous files, yet runs maintenance as well by optimising Mail, clearing caches and verifying the startup disk. Every week. Never have have a problem. Thank you Clean My Mac 3

ScreenFlow 6 is the application I use to create my screen recordings. Whether it's for showing the masses how to complete something on a channel like YouTube, or recording a quick How To for your family and friends, I haven't seen a better tool out there than this.

Drafts is an iOS application that I use daily. In fact, it's one I probably use HOURLY. Anything I type onto my phone goes directly into Drafts. From there, I can run actions that will send that text to the application of my choice. Whether it's appending to a Dropbox file or creating a Day One entry, it's the one stop shop for text entry.

Keyboard Maestro is one of those applications that flies under the radar. Yet when you've been using it and then suddenly find yourself on a machine that doesn't have it running, you notice! Keyboard Maestro runs automated tasks and actions based on triggers. I use it to automatically map drives when connecting to different networks, to resize application windows and take mailboxes offline when I open Mail. It's a multi-tool you can't do without.

Hazel is what I refer to as my File Nanny. It watches folders for me and then when files hit them, it will perform actions. I use it to rename invoices and utility bills, move and rename photos, perform OCR, tidy up my Desktop and Documents folders - it saves a lot of time when you configure it properly.

Wondershare Video Converter Pro is not an application I thought I'd like. I think it's the logo! I've always been deterred by the boxy images you see here. However one evening I had a need to convert some video files and I thought I'd download a trial. I wasn't disappointed. It's full of features and is certainly one fo the best converters out there.