What is recreation?

Recreation is a funny little word. I’ve always looked at it as a whole word (well, duh, that’s what it is isn’t it?!) - yes, I know, that’s a bit of a silly statement, but hear me out.

Look at the word recreation and what springs to mind? Relaxing? Fun? Enjoyment? Doing things that are not related to work at all? I’m guessing that, for the majority of you, this is indeed the case.

Now look at the word in a little more detail and what do you see?


Now when you see that, what thoughts come running through your head? Well for me, it’s the image of rebirth and starting anew.

When you put both of those contexts together, is that not essentially what is happening? By doing something for yourself and relieving your mind of the burden of work and high-focus tasks, are you not re-creating yourself by freshening both your body and your mind? If not yourself, then you are certainly re-creating your attitude, drive and focus.

I’ve made the mistake in recent years to put such an emphasis on work and study that I have neglected to take time out for myself to just switch off. I’ve always seen that as being time that is wasted because I could be out doing something else which is going to advance my life.

  • I could be learning a new programming language.
  • I could read another book.
  • I could WRITE another book.
  • I could get those tasks done around the house that I have been procrastinating over.

All of the above are certainly viable things to be doing, as long as the energy levels you have are appropriate to one of those tasks. If these levels are low then you need to somehow re-create yourself in order to regain that drive, momentum and desire to tackle one of those jobs head-on and with a greater degree of success than you would have otherwise managed.

So I’ve started taking time out for myself now. It’s not as much as I would probably like at the moment - I’m finding it very hard to relinquish some of my current workload and it’s vital that I find a balance. Too much recreation time and my OmniFocus list is going to start to show far more red than I feel comfortable with. Not enough recreation and I will find myself procrastinating over tasks that are critical to the success of my business and well-being of my family that I would normally charge at deal with efficiently.

I used to be a heavy gamer, ever since I had my first computer (a Commodore 16 - get in!) and I realised the other day that I have been so pre-occupied with working and studying that I haven’t put a game disc in my Xbox 360 this year. It’s September! Yes, I’ve played the odd game on my iPad and iPhone but only to spend a few minutes doing something whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, or when there is no signal on them for browsing etc. Now, I’m scheduling in game time for myself in order to take my head away from the now and somewhere else.

I’m finding that I come out of these sessions feeling…..