Water In The Morning

The most important action I take in the morning comes as soon as I wake up and take that slow, ambling walk downstairs into the kitchen. I reach into the refrigerator and drink half of the 16oz glass of water I placed in there the night before.

The effects of this are almost magical. Within ten minutes, my senses are heightened, my focus has returned from it’s overnight slumber and I’m ready to take on the rigours of the day. Within half an hour, I’ve finished the other 8 oz and am cracking on with my daily To-Do list.

So why is drinking water so effective? Well just imagine what would happen if you went between six and eight hours during the day without drinking water. You’d feel tired, lethargic, your concentration would wake easily. Well we do this to ourselves at night so it’s crucial that you rehydrate yourself as quickly as possible. Your body needs fluids to function and water is the best option out there.

As well as kickstarting your metabolism, drinking water first thing will help flush out unwanted toxins from your body.

Lastly, your brain tissue is made up of over 70% water so by depriving your body of water for any period of time, you are actually, without realising it, depriving your brain of this valuable fuel at the same time.

So coffee is all well and good, but it’s no longer my wake-up beverage of choice. Water is definitely the way forward in the morning.

Water is not just for the mornings either. Keep your brain topped up with this liquid fuel throughout the day and get ready to reap those benefits.