Voilà and BetterTouchTool

One of the functions I find myself repeatedly carrying out on my Mac is screen capturing. Whether I'm writing posts for this site, creating documentation for clients or just gathering resource materials for fun projects I'm working at home, I am leveraging the keyboard shortcut for Voila (my screen-capture software of choice) many times daily.

The only issue I have with this is the built-in shortcut (⌃⌘4) is kind of fiddly for my hands to reach. Now I know that I can change the shortcut within the app itself (Preferences, Hot Keys), however as you can see from the screenshot, there are a LOT of shortcuts for Voilà and I've tended to find over the years that when you have a large amount of shortcuts within an application, they tend to run and follow a bit of a pattern, to help aid remembering them. I'm loathe to change these.

Thankfully, BetterTouchTool was built with this exact scenario in mind. By mapping a trackpad gesture to a keyboard shortcut, I can invoke the screen-capture process within Voila with the simple click of a button.

Below, you will see the gestures I have mapped. If you look to the left of the screen, you will see that these are Global gestures. This is because if I was to assign the gesture specifically to the Voilà application, then the gesture wouldn't work when I'm actually in an application that I would like to capture!

I decided to leverage the power of the FORCE Touch trackpad I have for these gestures and have assigned a Corner FORCE Click Bottom Left to bring up the Capture Screen Selection crosshairs. From here, I just select the area on the screen I would like to capture and then away I go. If I Corner FORCE Click Bottom Right, then this will allow me to choose a whole object on the screen to capture. This is great for when you want to capture a whole application window, rather than a freeform selection.

This is just a quick post to show you how easy it is to create Screenshots at the touch of a button with two very cheap, powerful applications.

I've only just really started to dive into Voilà, yet I am so impressed, I've started outlining a post or two on how much power there is within this application.

(Disclaimer - there is a new version of Voila in the pipeline for release VERY soon - purchasing through any of the links I have on this site allows you to upgrade for free when the next version is released).