Using the OmniFocus Safari Bookmarklet

I've inadvertently gone against some of my main productivity principles here - the main reason being, I was so impressed with the OmniFocus Safari Bookmarklet and how it helps organise my research for my book, I just had to dive on here and quickly show you. 

Before reading on and testing, if you are an OmniFocus user, I suggest you navigate to the following link and download the OmniFocus Safari Bookmarklet if you haven't already done so. Follow the instructions for installation and come back. 

What the bookmarklet does is give you the ability to create an OmniFocus task  for reading or reviewing websites as you find them. Now as I'm currently looking into OS X's built in Automator tool for my book research, I'm currently finding lots and lots of sites that I need to dedicate time to looking at in detail and looking at some of the Automator examples they have, workflows etc. What I had been doing was using the DEVONthink Pro Office Web Clipper (which I still am, to archive the page) to store a PDF paginated copy of the web page(s) in DEVONthink Pro Office, tagging with a couple of tags ("Mac Productivity Book To Be Reviewed" and "Automator" if you're interested) and then manually creating an OmniFocus task to review that particular page. 

However, when the bookmarklet is installed, it appears underneath your main Safari toolbar and will automatically create a task, filling in the URL link of the page in the Notes field for easy access - all you need to do is select the project, context, due/defer dates. 

I hit on this by accident as I'd installed the bookmarklet months ago but never used it - yet it sits directly underneath my DEVONthink Pro Office Web Clipper button in the Safari toolbar. I clicked it by mistake and now my workflow for the book has improved massively. 

Who knows, maybe this has brought the release date forward by a week!