Using IFTTT to automatically download attachments

Have I ever told you how much I love IFTTT (If This Then That)? Once or twice? Well, forgive me, but I'm about to make it a third time then. 

I recently took out a Gmail Apps for Business account as well as my Office 365 for Business one. I have reasons for this that I won't delve into here, however one thing I was keen to do was make use of the fantastic capabilities of the IFTTT hooks that Gmail and Google Drive have. 

Office 365 products do not have this capability, and one thing I've been looking to do is find a way to automatically download attachments from emails to cloud storage without having to press a button. Now I know that AppleScript can do this with - however I don't use anymore, I'm fully invested in Airmail and love it to pieces. However my brain got into gear and thanks to IFTTT, I've got it taped. 

I set the Gmail channel up as my trigger, looking out for any email that has an attachment. 

Then Google Drive (it works for Dropbox too but I'm keeping it all under one umbrella for now) has a statement that downloads a file from the Gmail URL into a folder of your choice. 

So - when an email comes into my Office 365 email address, I have a rule set up that automatically forwards it to my Gmail account and IFTTT takes over by automatically downloading the attachment. Meaning no more searching for those emails that contained attachments you just cannot find. 

Further to this, I will set up Hazel rules to automatically file these attachments in other locations based on certain parameters and any that are remaining after, say, two weeks, will be deleted, meaning the folder will never bloat. 

Job done.

I love automation.