Using Hazel with DEVONthink

I love Hazel. I love DEVONthink. So imagine how much I love it when I can get these two products to talk with each other. It's pretty awesome. 

As you may or may not know, Hazel is a housekeeper for your files. You set it to watch a partiular directory and depending on the actions you have assigned, you can move, rename, delete, tag - the possibilities are so varied, you really have to go to Noodlesoft's site and check it our for yourself. 

I use DEVONthink Pro Office for my Paperless office setup and one of the things that I find myself doing every month without fail is downloading my financial statements as PDF's from the relevant websites, renaming them, sending them across to DEVONthink, tagging them and then filing them appropriately within one of my DEVONthink databases. It would be fantastic if some of these stages could be taken care of for me. Well, enter Hazel. Here's the setup once installed. 

1. Tell Hazel to Monitor your Downloads folder. 

Click the + button on the Folders window and navigate to the folder you wish to apply some rules to. As you can see, I have the Actions, Downloads, Desktop and Camera Uploads folders being monitored. 

2. Create your rules

Click the + button on the right hand Rules window this time. I have three rules applied to the Downloads folder. The first is a Weekly Cleanup rule, which takes all downloads that are over 7 days old and creates a new folder within my Downloads directory with all of these files in. Makes it a lot neater and tidier. The second two are the ones we will cover here. 

So working down the above screenshot, the Name of the rule is in the top box. This is just for your reference. The next box highlights the criteria that have to be met. Because I may or may not have more than one MasterCard (that's really my business!) I have specified two criteria which must both be met - this is represented by the ALL option in the drop down. This can change to ANY if you want to be more liberal with the options. The contents option means that the contents of the file will be scanned for the characters you have specified. 

If those contents are scanned and the criteria are met, then there are three things that will happen. 

1) It will move to the DEVONthink inbox. 

2) It will be given the tag "Credit Card" within the DEVONthink database

3) The file will be renamed automatically with the month that the file was downloaded and the year, followed by Tesco Credit Card Statement. (e.g. May 2014 - Tesco Credit Card Statement.pdf)

The following rule for Bank Account statements works on exactly the same principles however with slightly different qualifying criteria, based on the banking association I hold my accounts with. 

Hazel is immense. I'll post more rules over the coming months. I use it to automatically rename and file my photos, OCR my research documents and tag accordingly, empty my trash regularly,  organise my screenshots - I'm getting my money's worth out of it that's for sure. 

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