Using Cortana on OS X


I’ve started to use Siri so much on my mobile devices that when I’m sitting in front of my OS X desktop, I find myself wishing that Siri functionality was built-in. Yes, there is dictation available, however I want to invoke commands and requests in exactly the same way as I do when I’m out and about. 

Well, now, I do. I use Cortana. 

I know what you’re thinking. “Hey, your site is called My Productive Mac, why are you using a Windows application?”. Well, the simple reason for this is that one of the key elements of a productive lifestyle is always using the right tools for the job and, in this case, it’s Windows 10, plain and simple. 

To do this, I use Parallels 11 and a guide that walks you through the (very easy) setup process is linked here. I’d write my own but this CNET one does the job nicely and why re-write something that does the job (again, productive!). I've also posted a link to Windows 10 on Amazon, if you are yet to purchase. 

I know lots of people that use Cortana on their OS X desktops and every single one of them comments on how good Windows 10 is. I concur completely, it’s a transformation on every level from everything we have come to expect from Windows. By omitting Siri from OS X, Apple are inviting Windows 10 into more and more peoples homes, which in many ways is a good thing for everybody. . They are going to have to keep that bar nice and high