Typinator 6.2 is released


Today, the lovely chaps at Ergonis are proud to announce the release of Typinator 6.2.

Text expansion tools are critical to enhance productivity levels when typing on any device and Typinator is an application that is installed on my Macbook and gets a lot of use, alongside TextExpander from Smile. I have such difficulty choosing between the two, I have a workflow that makes use of both.

To explain the updates in a little more detail, I’ve pasted below an excerpt from the email I received today:

Typinator 6 introduced an extremely versatile new feature - to create expansions based on regular expressions. This opens the door to revolutionary uses that were previously impossible.

Typinator 6.2 adds new built-in functions (Count, List, Any, Index) that provide even more powerful applications of regular expressions. With these new functions, you can use regular expression patterns to extract and analyze certain pieces of text in longer text fragments. For example, you can use them to pick a random quotation from a file, count the number of words or lines in text on the clipboard, extract phrases from web pages, create a comma-delimited list of items that match a certain rule, or even calculate the sum of all numbers in a text document.

Besides that, Typinator 6.2 improves interactive input fields, presenting input fields in a scrollable list when there are too many of them to fit on the screen. Other enhancements include some fine-tuning of the user interface, improved compatibility with OS X Yosemite and third party apps like LaunchBar and PopClip, and more. Visit Ergonis Software’s website to learn more about all improvements in this release and to download and try the new version.

I’ve been working with the team at Typinator to help produce some documentation which will be serialised here on my site, as well as some screencasts which will be for open viewing to help explain how to use it. I’m certainly looking forward to looking at this update and testing the new functionality.

To download Typinator, visit the Ergonis Site. It’s a fantastic application.