TotalFinder - My Find Of The Week

TotalFinder is a cracking App by BinaryAge that offers a new perspective to the conventional Finder app. It offers, amongst others, the following main features:

  • Coloured Labels
  • Folders at the top of the finder window, where they belong!
  • Dual mode - the ability to display two finder windows side by side. 
  • A Visor window - I love this. One double tap of the Option key and the Visor appears from the bottom of the screen and disappears with a tap of the Esc key. The Visor is fully customisable at the same time. 
  • Cut And Paste - the ability to cut and paste between windows using keyboard shortcuts simply. 

It's available for a free trial from this link - check it out. I'm so impressed, I'm looking at the trial now of TotalSpaces to see if it's anywhere as good. If so, I'm buying it. 


Check it out.