Throttle will streamline your Inbox

It's been a long time in development but the geniuses that brought you Mail Pilot are at it again - this time with a tool that is going to drastically reduce the amount of email you receive.

Throttle is a service that will allow you to control exactly who can send you email.

9 out of 10 emails are currently marked as spam because somehow, your email address has been subscribed to a mailing list. Aside from clicking on an Unsubscribe button (which offers it's own potential security vulnerabilities), you have no way to control who can access your Inbox.

Throttle deals with this problem by adding a browser extension to both Safari and Chrome (as well as Firefox, although I've not tested) and, once clicked, it will populate the email field with a unique email address. Now, instead of receiving a plethora of newsletters and spam offers, all of these emails will be curated into one daily digest email.

Sounds good so far doesn't it?

It doesn't stop there.

As Throttle has generated a unique email address for each newsletter or mailing list you have subscribed to, you can revoke access when you decide you don't want to receive emails from a particular sender anymore. You can even revoke access when Throttle alerts you to find out who sells your email. That's right, I didn't think this was possible but somehow, they have done it.

Now, thanks to Throttle, you can work with less interruptions, pick and choose which mailing lists you are subscribed to, keep on top of your inbox and online information management and feel safe knowing that your email address is still....yours. No-one other than Throttle knows it.

I think Throttle is going to be huge and I'm very happy to have been in the beta testing program for it.

Pricing is on a Freemium model and can be accessed here

Below is an excerpt direct from their site which highlights exactly how Throttle works

What is Throttle?

Throttle is a service that keeps your email address safe and your inbox clean. By seamlessly substituting random, unique email addresses for use online, it gives users control over who gets into their inboxes, for the first time ever.

What sets Throttle apart?

Any kind of filtering in the inbox, or using the "+" hack on Gmail addresses fail in a huge way: you're still giving out your email address. With Throttle, you stop giving out your email address. This is a very important difference. Giving out your email address online is like handing out the key to your house. Anyone can put anything they want in your inbox, and often they sell it to others who do the same.

With Throttle, users can finally put a definitive end to this problem. For the first time ever, email users actually have control over who gets into their inboxes. We only wish we had come up with Throttle sooner.

Plus, the software is incredibly elegant. This kind of solution could be a pain to use based on the execution, but Throttle was designed with the end user at the focus. A browser extension adds a button to all email fields on the web, so generating an email address from it actually takes less effort than it would to fill out your own email address. Further, the daily digest ensures you don't have to remember to check another thing.

What is Throttle's Story?

While brainstorming new projects, we happened upon a simple, yet intriguing idea: what if our email client, Mail Pilot, could let you authorize subscriptions online so that users could have mass mailings automatically categorized in a news reader instead of always bugging them in their inboxes? But how would that even work - would we need newsletter publishers to embed a button of ours along with their subscription box? That won't work. Is there a way we could make a browser extension to do it? But what would that extension even do; how would it safely authorize this sender? Sure, we would know the domain of the website, but what if that sender sold your email address to others; there's nothing you could do about that, and we wouldn't be able to appropriately categorize those messages. But wouldn't it be great if you could just click a button by any signup form to subscribe without compromising your email address? Where the email client could take care of all the risk...

And then it hit us. We randomize the email addresses. The benefits never end - it gives you total control over who has access to your inbox - you know if someone sold your email address, you can revoke anyone's access to your inbox, and so much more. We quickly decided we could build the service separate from our email client by supplying a news reader and daily digest.

We designed and developed Throttle initially in the first half of 2015, filed a patent, and unveiled on May 26, 2015.

What's the pricing structure?

Freemium. The free plan will have certain thresholds, unlimited and professional plans will cost $4.99 and $9.99 a month, which will come with advanced features. See more on the pricing page.

What is Throttle's compatibility?

Throttle supports any email service, because it actually doesn't need access to your email to work. Since it stops mass mailings before they even get to your inbox, it doesn't need to access your inbox for anything.

At launch, Throttle will have browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on the desktop.