Three offers more free roaming options

Like some of you, I am a 3 customer. I love the customer service they provide, which for me is a very important point. I love the coverage I get - it's very rare I go anywhere in a work capacity whereby I am left without a signal. I also love the freedom that the data package gives me. I find myself having to tether to an iOS device a lot for both work and leisure and the allowances I have give me the opportunity to do this with room to spare. 

All that in itself is a good reason for me to be an advocate of this mobile service provider. 

However, add to that the today they have announced that they are adding 5 more countries to their "Feel at Home" scheme, which allows you to carry over your UK allowances to specified overseas locations for free, you find yourself hard-pushed to recommend anyone else. 

Today, they added France, Switzerland, Israel, Norway and Finland to the already impressive list. Three customers are currently able to roam freely in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Macau, Ireland, Sri Lanka and the US. 

Let's hope the other mobile phone providers start to take this lead.

We all need to be connected, wherever we are.