TextExpander - Adjusting When a Snippet Expands


There are occasions when I will expect TextExpander to expand a snippet I type, only to be greeted by a stony silence and no magic on my screen. The reason for this is that, by default, TextExpander will only expand when preceded by white space. While this is great for those abbreviations that actually form part of a word, as many of my snippets form part of a Markdown link, which is preceded by parentheses, this became frustrating in a short space of time. 

I didn’t realise, however, that this behaviour can be changed. 

The team at TextExpander actually recommend that you keep the default settings, whilst creating a separate group that will contain snippets which expand directly next to other characters. 

This can come in very handy when expanding email address, HTML code, anything in parentheses - the list is lengthy. 

Adjusting a Groups Settings

1) Click on the Group Name

2) Select the Drop down list next to Expand When

3) Choose your new setting. 


Very quick and easy tip.