Why I Like: - Jisoncase Microfiber Leather iPad Pro Case

I’ve found myself using my iPad Pro a lot more over the course of the last few months - more specifically, I’ve been making use of the Apple Pencil. It’s great in meetings, when you want to take notes digitally yet still give the air of professionalism and not look as though you are hiding behind a laptop, checking your emails!

Until recently I’ve been using the Logitech Create keyboard cover. Whilst it has a great keyboard, I’ve found that I’m now using the Pencil more than ever. Also, I’m using the iPad for consuming a lot more media than before - namely magazines, comics and books - so the need for the fancy keyboard is diminishing. My needs now are for a pouch-style case which can also house the Pencil and function as a stand. 

I’ve been using the Jisoncase Microfiber Leather Case and I”m very impressed with it! 

Visually, it’s great. The Microfiber Leather material looks very stylish and conveys a look of professionalism when you’re in those important meetings. 

image 1.jpg

Sliding the iPad Pro in and out of the case is smooth. Sometimes these cases can offer resistance as the dimensions seem a little small for the tablet, however no such experience here. It’s a perfect fit, not so large as to slip out accidentally, yet not so snug as to bring on the gnashing of teeth when trying to fit the darn thing back in. 

It doubles up as a stand, which is important, especially if I decide that I’m going to use a Bluetooth keyboard with it (I’ve got my eye on this Microsoft Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard). When I first opened it, however, I had to question how on earth it folded together to form the stand. It didn’t take long to suss out how to fold the pre-built ridges into the required prism shape. It holds the iPad Pro 12.9 solidly in both landscape and portrait mode, which I have to say was a bit of a surprise. It doesn’t look as though portrait mode should be possible, however, it’s a very strong, resilient case.

image 2.jpg
image 3.jpg

The slot for the pencil is perfect, at no point has it slipped out whenever I’ve picked up the case, or placed it in/out of my work bag, which happens multiple times daily. 

I’ve been using the case for a couple of months now and there is no physical sign of wear and tear or degradation on the surface, in fact it still looks brand new, which is very important for this style of case. You buy it because it looks nice and you want to look professional and so far, I’m happy to say that it does just that. 

image 4.jpg
image 5.jpg

I opted for the brown case as it goes with my Snugg Messenger bag, however it also comes in black, red or blue. 

Whilst I love writing about software that I like, I don’t often feel compelled to write about hardware or accessories that impress. This case changed that. Credit where it’s due to the folks at Jisoncase, they’ve created a quality product and I think I may have to add them to my list of favourite suppliers.

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