Streaks update includes 3D Touch

Streaks has been my habit tracking app of choice on iOS for several months now. It's so easy to use and the integration with the Health application on iOS is great.

Now, they have released an update which provides:

  • a widget, allowing for quick entry of habits from the Notification Centre

  • the ability to use 3D Touch on the Home Screen to mark a habit as complete.

It's a great update to a great application. Grab Streaks here!

Tracking Water Intake with Workflow and Streaks

One of the habits that I am really trying to nail down is managing my daily water intake. Experts recommend that men should be drinking two litres of water per day, with women drinking 1.6 litres. That equates to just over three and a half pints for men and a little under three pints for the admittedly superior sex.

Using a combination of Streaks and Workflow, I am able to track this habit on my iPhone with minimal friction. Here's a brief description on how this was setup.


Streaks is a habit tracking application from Crunchy Bagel that won an Apple Design aware in 2015. My favourite feature of Streaks is the tight integration with on iOS, meaning it is my go-to application if I am looking to develop any health-focused habits.

1 - When the application is opened, click Add a Task

2 - Scroll down to the pre-defined habit named Drink Water. You will be prompted to allow integration with for the read/write of data relating to water intake. Simply follow the prompts and allow the access.


3 - Decide on the amount of water you wish to set as your target. I have it set as 2 litres, however you may wish to lower/raise this amount as you see fit.

4 - Set the frequency of days that you wish to complete this habit. It may be that you only want to achieve this habit every other day, until the habit forms more clearly. There are no rules, go with something you feel is challenging yet achievable.

5 - Save the task.


Now, the beauty of this next piece of configuration is that we don't need to rely on the Streaks application for signing the hab it off as complete. Everytime we consume a glass of water, we're going to log it with the Workflow widget. Workflow is going to update the Health application which, in turn, will update Streaks with your progress. When the target is reached, Streaks will automatically mark the habit has complete for the day.


Let's set up Workflow.

1 - In the Workflow application, visit the Gallery.

2 - Click the Search icon in the top right hand corner and type water.

3 - Dependant on when you read this, there may be different workflows available, however at this time, there is a great one by Conrad Kramer, co founder of Workflow. It's simply called Log Water.

4 - Click Get Workflow.

5 - Once more, you will need to allow access to from Workflow. Follow the prompts and allow.

6 - Time to configure the widget. Swipe to the right on your iOS device and then scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see an Edit button. Press that button.

7 - Scroll down until you see the Workflow application and press the green plus button to add it to your list of active widgets. I would also click the movement bars (on the right hand side) to move the widget nearer to the top of the list of active widgets. This is because I find myself needing to use it upwards of five times a day.

8 - Click the Manage Workflows link and select the workflows you wish to include in the widget. Of course, ensure the Log Water one is selected.

Now, everytime you drink a glass of water, you simply swipe right on your iOS device and click the Log Water button. Select the amount of water you have consumed, and you are golden. Tracking your water intake reliably.

I hope this helps. How do you use applications to track your healthy habits?