ScreenFlow by Telestream

ScreenFlow by Telestream is my screen recording application of choice. As far as I'm concerned, it is streets ahead of the competition. When people like Don McAllister at Screencasts Online are using it as the core piece of software for their business, you know it's good!

The main thing that impresses me about this software is the simplicity in use. Yes, there are a LOT of features contained within, however I never feel as though anything is further than a couple of clicks away. Trimming clips, inserting images and annotations, implementing callout actions to highlight parts of the screen, blurring content - it's all there. One thing I've recently learnt is how to speed up clips that involve a lot of typing, which viewers aren't interested in seeing. That tip was picked up on the main ScreenFlow forum hosted by Telestream.

Also, it would be remiss of me to omit the fact that Don has a host of videos on Screencasts Online covering how to use the many features available within ScreenFlow.

It's a great application and if you have any interest in screen recording on the Mac, this is a must-have purchase.

Grab it here