Filtered Views in OmniPlan

Project Management is a tough old gig. Take it from someone who knows. Whether it's the Programme level that pushing down on you, or the client level that is pushing back, you're always in the middle, trying to please everybody and invariably giving yourself an undue amount of stress at the same time!

Thankfully, I use an application to keep track of my project tasks and resources that makes life in Project Management just that little bit easier and that's OmniPlan 3.

As my use of this application matures, I'll share some hints and tips that I've picked up over the last few months, however one of them leaps out as my most-used feature and that is Filtered Views.

Think about Perspectives in OmniFocus 2 and Smart Groups in DEVONthink Pro Office and you will have a good grasp as to the fundamentals of Filtered Views within OmniPlan 3.

Setting these filters up is simple. Either go to View -> Filter Tasks or press ⌥⌘F to bring up the filter configuration window.

From here, you set your view filter parameters. I won't go into lengthy detail on how to do that, readers of my site generally understand exactly how these smart filters work.

I have several views set up. One shows me all of the tasks that are currently Overdue (comes in handy more often than I would like!).

Quite often during a project, I'll need to concentrate on a specific WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) so I configure a filter that only shows the tasks related to those particular work packages I have assigned. I also like having filters that show me tasks for specific resources as well as one other view that just shows me the Critical Path.

If you imagine a way that you would like to see only a specific part of your GANTT chart, then OmniPlan can do it. I'm not just saying this because I'm a Mac-head - I'm saying it because it's true - I find it easier to use, more intuitive and far easier on the eye than Microsoft Project, as well as kinder to my wallet!