Learn OmniFocus Live Session - Special Guest = ME!

Those of you who read my posts here regularly will know that I love the work of Tim Stringer over at Learn OmniFocus. He has a great set of resources available that have been professionally produced and I”m happy to say that I have been a keen student there myself. 

I’m therefore very excited to announce that I have been asked by Tim to be his special Live Session guest this November. Past guests include such aficionados as David SparksShawn BlancKourosh Dini and Joe Buhlig as well as others who have provided some great insights to their workflows. When imposter syndrome stops kicking in, I’m confident I’ll be able to add my name to that list with pride!

The event takes place on November 8th, 19:00 (GMT) and lasts approximately one hour. During my presentation, I’ll be offering many insights into my usage of OmniFocusincluding a detailed look at my Perspectives, Contexts, Routines and how I interface OmniFocus with other applications in my workflow, such as AirmailBetterTouchTool and DEVONthink

Booking can be made through this link and if you are joining, feel free to contact me beforehand!

I look forward to seeing you.