Where I Am Now

Where I Am Now

Yep, I’ve been quiet. Very quiet recently! In truth, it’s been a really busy time, so I thought I’d take this opportunity at the beginning of the New Year to tell you what’s been happening and peek behind the curtain a little more of my life so you can understand why articles have been rare of late (however, will be more regular very soon). 

Life has been very busy professionally. Being a small business owner, this cannot be a bad thing and certainly not something I’m complaining about! My income currently comes from several sources:

Consultancy - I’ve recently taken out a three month Project Management consultancy contract, which is a pretty much full time role given the scope of the Project that is being managed. This is great, giving me a real chance to showcase some of the Productivity tips and techniques I of course advocate. It’s a good project, managing the upgrade of a local council’s network infrastructure with lots of challenges therein. 

Training - I’m delivering Productivity workshops with Think Productive in the UK and this is amazing stuff. It doesn’t feel like work at all and I can finally say that standing up in a room/meeting space or even on a stage finally feels natural. It’s tiring though - there is a lot more work both pre/post workshop than I realised and I underestimated the physical effects that all-day workshops can have. On the train home I sometimes feel like I could sleep for a week!

Writing/Video Production - As some of you know, I write for several third parties and have now started creating videos/screencasts as well. Again, this doesn’t feel ‘worky’ at all as it’s something I love and have a deep passion for. 

That’s a lot of hours taken up in the week. The goal for 2019 is to slowly take away the reliance on the consultancy and develop MyProductiveMac into more of a brand, with my own products released regularly, enabling more of a passive income stream than I currently have. 

This means that there are some serious decisions to make in 2019 regarding where my hours are spent and calendar management is going to need to be at its most efficient. I’m going to be making frequent use of time-blocking to ensure that I’m spending my hours as frugally as I spend my money

It’s going to be hard work, I’m under no illusion of that but with the support of family/friends/colleagues and my loyal readers, I know it’s going to be a great year.