Adding Photos to Contacts on iOS

It’s a feature that not many people utilise but adding pictures to the contacts in your iPhone or iPad is a great way to add a touch of you to your iOS device. 

There are many ways you can assign pictures - lets start with the Photosapp. 

1) Start by launching the Photos app on your iOS device

2) Find the photo you would like to use 

3) Tap the Share icon in the bottom left hand corner

4) Select Assign to Contact

5) Find the contact you wish to assign it to then tap on them. 

6) Move and Scale the picture to suit and tap Choose

Job done!


You can use the Contacts application directly for this as well:

1) Launch the Contacts app and find the contact you wish to modify.

2) Click Edit in the top right hand corner.

3) You’ll see that on the left hand side, you have the circular placeholder for the image. Tap on edit below. 

4) You’ll see a pop up menu, allowing you to either Take a Photo or Choose a Photo from the camera roll. Choose your option. 

5) Move and scale the picture to suit and you’re done!

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I used to have a real problem with Contacts on OS X. There would be continuous synchronisation problems (we all know about Apple’s history with cloud services) and I would frequently find myself with corrupt or missing data. The interface too was nowhere near as sharp and defined as you would expect from Apple. It was feature-light and not designed for the power users amongst us.

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