Enabling AutoFill Passwords with 1Password on iOS

Enabling AutoFill Passwords with 1Password on iOS

In this years WWDC, Apple announced app autofill - an API that will allow credentials to be filled in to applications in the same way as they are in websites - pretty sweet. 

Recently, the team at 1Password released version 7.2 of their 1Password application and this leverages the API beautifully. Once AutoFill Passwords is enabled for both iCloud Keychain and 1Password, it doesn’t matter where the password is stored, you can fill it in directly from the interface you are using which as many of you will know, is a real time-saver. 

To enable the feature, you must be using iOS 12. Once you are running it, simply head to Settings -> Passwords and Accounts


Flick the toggle switch to enable AutoFill Passwords and then select the applications that you wish to enable the feature for. As you can see, as well as iCloud Keychain, I’ve enabled it for 1Password too. 

Now in the screenshot below, I’m attempting to log back into the Amazon application. It’s already suggesting the 1Password credentials that I have. If I press the key to the right of the password suggestion, it will list all credentials for Amazon that are listed in both iCloud Keychain and 1Password. 


This is great and, even if you don’t use 1Password and rely on iCloud Keychain, it really leaves no excuse for using the same, weak passwords on multiple sites. Get secure people! 

Security Audits with 1Password

1Password from AgileBits Software is the only tool I use for managing my online credentials. In fact, I use it to store anything that I consider to be sensitive or mission critical in my life. This can be passport numbers, certificate IDs, software licences, secure network information - it’s all contained within this secure database, accessible on any device that I choose. 

If that was all that 1Password did, then I’d be happy and ask them to take my money. This isn’t the case. One other feature that I urge all 1Password users to look at is Security Audit

If you open 1Password on macOS and look in the left hand pane, you’ll see the Security Audit section. You can hide this if you wish, by hovering over the heading and choosing Hide. I wouldn’t recommend this as the Security Audit is a great addition, helping you to keep on top of any web vulnerabilities via the excellent Watchtower integration as well as identifying, at a glance, any weak, duplicate or old passwords. 

Watchtower - Watchtower will identify any website vulnerabilites and alert you when found. This information is refreshed daily in order to verify items contained within your vault. 1Password then downloads this information and runs a local check against your logins. 

Please note the use of the word local here. AgileBits assure us that no data is ever sent to them.

Watchtower is enabled within Preferences.

Weak Passwords - 1Password runs an algorithm that assesses the strength of your passwords within your vault. A password that may seem complex to you may not be complex to software designed to crack your credentials. If you see an item count badge here (you’ll see I have 4), then it’s recommended to run the Strong Password Generator and change these passwords immediately. 

Duplicate Passwords - We’ve all used duplicate passwords from time to time (easier to remember, am I right?!). The issue we have here is that not all websites have the same level of security. If you have the same passwords on multiple sites and one of those is compromised, then the attackers have the keys to your castle on the others. Here you can quickly find duplicate passwords and replace them with strong, unique ones. 

Old Passwords - It’s always good security practice to change your passwords from time to time. 1Password makes it easy. 

Short and sweet, but I cannot over-emphasise the importance of the Security Audit feature within 1Password. It’s there, use it!

1Password for Individuals - Subscription

It's been on the cards for a long time, but after the success of 1Password For Families and 1Password For Teams, AgileBits have today announced their latest subscription offering, 1Password for Individuals.

I won't go into the details - you can read those directly from their blog post here however I will at this stage give it my complete seal of approval. I cannot see the furore that arose when Smile Software followed a similar path with TextExpander. They announced that they would no longer be supporting the desktop client after any subsequent releases of OS X (or MacOS as it will be from next month). AgileBits have said they will continue to support and offer the licenced version (although some features will only be available in the hosted solution).

With 6 months free being offered for signups prior to September 21st, I think a tool as valuable as 1Password is a no-brainer.

Check the post here