How To Use: OmniFocusColors

Are the default styles not to your liking within OmniFocus on macOS? Having difficulty seeing some of the names on the Dark style? Do you wish there was a way to create your own scheme? 

Well - there is!

The key is to download OmniFocusColors

I won’t give you a full blown overview as to how the application works - that’s for you to find out once you understand the premise, however to get you started, follow these steps:

1) Download OmniFocusColors from the Omni Group site. 

2) In OmniFocus, go to PreferencesStyle and select the palette that you wish to use as your base. Click Export Current Style.


3) Choose a file name, location and leave the default option for exporting both font collection and colour palette

4) Open OmniFocusColors.

5) Go to FileOpen (or select ⌘+O) and locate the file you just exported. Click Open and you will see that a second file is created .It’s a good idea to save this now with a name of your choosing. 

6) With your new file open, run through the different settings and make any amendments you wish. You will see that you are not short of options and there is going to be a lot of trial and error to get the look and feel that you like. 

One change I have made is to make the note colour lighter. I use a lot of notes and I find the grey colour within the Dark Palette difficult to see sometimes. Changing this to a white colour has made a lot of difference.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 14.32.25.png

7) When you have made the changes you require, save the file and open OmniFocus again. Go to PreferencesStyle and select Import Style…

8) Select your new style and revel in the new look! Alternatively, make a note of the changes you wish to make and go back into OmniFocusColors! (That will happen first time, I promise!)

Short and sweet, but good fun. Remember, don’t be seduced into making lots of little tweaks. If changing the colors within OmniFocus is nothing more than a procrastination tool, perhaps you’d best settle for what you have!