Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock now automates

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is an iOS App that I use as my alarm clock for two reasons:

1) It has a really good vibrate alarm which means I don't have to wake the family when I get up before them - which is often.

2) It has the option of either waking me at a set time, or when it feels I am in my lightest sleep phase, therefore in the most optimum condition to wake up. 

I love this. With a sleep monitor built in to detect movement, periods of restlessness etc, it can detect when to wake you based on new algorithms which have been introduced as part of the latest update. 

It's been in the top 5 Paid iOS Apps now for a long period of time however, for all you home automation geeks out there (I will be one day - home automation is expensive!) there is one new feature that is going to make you rush out and download this app if you haven't already. 

Sleep Cycle will now talk with your Phillips Hue bulb that you have in your bedroom to ensure that the level of light on in the room as the alarm goes off is at whichever level you decide, by pre-configuring and will slowly increase in brightness as you wake up. 

I love that idea and this kind of home automation technology really is going to becoming more and more prevalent in the future. 

Check the app out on the iOS App Store