Slack Made Easy

Well, we have finally completed it. The Slack Made Easy course is live and we're waiting for you to come along and learn how to use the darling collaboration tool of the moment.

Dave Caolo and myself have been busy over the last few months producting the content for the modules that comprise the course and we are delighted to announce that we are now accepting entrants. Mike Vardy, the owner of Productivityist has worked tirelessly on ensuring the marketing and promotion of the course has been targeted correctly and we have been assisted by some great people. A special hat-tip goes to Steve Dotto from DottoTech for providing some amazing guidance and support through the webinars and Blab promotional casts.

Adopting a 'meta' approach, we are delivering the course....from within Slack itself! When you log in, you will find channels dedicated to specific topics and each of these topics has a screencast embedded within. You really can 'do as you learn'.

There is a channel solely for your questions that Dave, Mike and myself will check into as often as we can, so we won't just be leaving you to consume the content - we are on hand to help walk you through it when needed as well.

So come and see what Slack is all about. If you are thinking of implementing it for your team, or need a collaboration tool to unify your staff, then clicking here is a great place to start