Siri and OmniFocus Integration


I listen to a lot of podcasts and fairly often, I will find myself needing to make a note of something that I hear. This is usually a tip for some software I could do with trialling, or inspiration for a blog post of some description. This is great in itself, apart form the fact that a lot of the time I have this need, I’m driving. 

Thanks to the introduction of ‘Hey Siri’, I have hands free control of my iPhone which is great for adding Reminders, and now there is also OmniFocus integration with Reminders which means that when I ask Siri to remind me about downloading the latest, greatest application as recommended by some hero of mine, it can go straight into OmniFocus as opposed to Reminders. 

In order to configure this option, perform the following actions:

1 - Open OmniFocus for iPhone/iPad and in Settings, scroll down to the Capture section and click on Reminders
2 - Enable Reminders Capture. 
3 - Choose a Reminders list to be integrated directly with OmniFocus. 

Simple. A very easy way to make your life even easier as an OmniFocus user. After all, that’s what OmniFocus is all about. 

Drive safely!