Shortcuts in 1Password


I’ve been using 1Password for a long time now. In fact, it’s one of the first applications that I purchased for OS X and I don’t htink a day has gone by where I haven’t used it. 

When you become that reliant on an application and it embeds itself so tightly within your workflow, it’s important to be sure to use it as efficiently as possible. That’s where keyboard shortcuts come in and it’s so important to learn them if you want to become a ninja with your favourite applications. 

I’m going to highlight the shortcuts I use on a regular basis. Some of them took a while to eek their way into muscle memory, some of them moved in straight away. Yet they all get used. 

cmd-\ - this is the most popular one by far. In fact, if you disappear from the post now having only learnt this one, you will have saved yourself a lot of time when logging into websites! When you navigate to a site that requires a login, hold down cmd* whilst pressing \ and, if 1Password is currently unlocked, your credentials will be entered straight away without you having to click anywhere else. If 1Password is locked, then you will have to enter your master password, after which your credentials will be filled in. Fantastic. 

cmd-option-\ - I"ve been using this a lot more often recently, especially when entering credit card information. If I want to display the 1Password menu, I simply depress these three keys. I can then perform a search within my vault and pull up the information I need. As a lot of you know, sometimes the forms on sites don’t complete as we would like when trying to auto-fill with 1Password and we may need to find our CVC number, or full Account Name, maybe even browse our Secure Notes. Here you can easily pull up the 1Password menu and find what you need. 

cmd–1, cmd–2 etc - these shortcuts allow you to switch between multiple vaults. I have one vault for my business and another which contains my home account details, in the sad event of my death! Each vault is assigned a keyboard shortcut and you can navigate between them easily. 

Cmd-Shift-C - another one you may use a lot. This copies the password of the currently selected item directly to your clipboard. 

Option key - hold this down to reveal your password from behind those little black dots. 

A complete list of shortcuts can be found here. There are some doozys, so enjoy.