Sharing your Location in iOS Messages

There is a little known feature in iOS 8 and above that can prove to be incredibly useful, especially if you are arranging to meet friends in a strange, or busy location. The majority of you will know that the Find My Friends feature allows you to permanently share your location with pre-defined people, however what if you only wish to share your location with someone temporarily? This is where this great feature comes in.

Share/Send Location in Messages

1) First, you need to open Messages on your iOS device and identify a message thread that contains the contact(s) you wish to share your location. If there isn't one there, then create one.

2) In the top right hand corner, you will see the Details button. Press this and you will be a taken to a screen that shows your current location (if you have network connectivity of course!)


3) You will see two options - Send my Current Location and Share my Location.

  • Send My Current Location will send an Apple Maps screenshot of your current location to the desired recipient, pin-pointing your current location.
  • Share my Location will present you with a further three options - Share for One Hour, Share Until End of Day and Share Indefinitely. Choose the one that you feel is the most appropriate.

When you select Share My Location, your friend will be able to view your location in a variety of ways. They can pull up the message details to see a live snapshot of your current location, they can use the Find My Friends application to locate you and, probably best of all, you can ask Siri to locate them for you.

I'm sure you can see that there are some great use cases for this feature. I've used it when agreeing to meet colleagues or clients in a location I've never been to before, as well when meeting groups of people in a bustling event. Sharing your location, even just for an hour, can be a real time-save and stress reliever.

Quick tip, quite simple but one of those that may have eluded many of you out there. Hope it helps!