Setapp - Why You Should Subscribe

I acknowledge fully that I’m a little late to the party, however, Setapp is, without question, one of the most value for money purchases I have made since I first purchased a MacBook Pro.

What Is It?

Setapp is the brainchild of those great people over at MacPaw. Subscription models for media consumption have been around for a long time now, with services such as Netflix and Spotify becoming staples in households around the globe. Setapp brings that subscription model to the Mac and some of the titles available are simply fantastic. Here are some that I use daily. 


Ulysses has now become my writing app of choice. I love the way I can organise my files and the ability to be able to combine both short and long form writing is great. The layout is beautiful which is important to me - I like to write in a nice environment. Ulysses ticks a lot of boxes.


  • I still use OmniFocus as my main task manager, however, there are times when I like to keep a simplified, running list of tasks that I need to focus on during the day. Taskpaper is great because I can create my list in plain text, with certain code elements used to highlight contexts and projects. Suits my way of working.

CleanMyMac 3

CleanMyMac 3 keeps my Mac lean and mean. I have a weekly task scheduled in OmniFocus to run the CleanMyMac 3 maintenance routine and I never struggle with space or performance issues. 


iStat Menus is a monitoring application that sits nicely in your menu bar. Monitoring everything from CPU usage, memory, battery status etc, it's invaluable for providing real-time statistics regarding your Mac’s performance.


Timing is a brand new release from Daniel Alm and it’s great to see it included. I use Timing to track what I am doing on my Mac and when which allows me to make data-driven decisions on how better to spend my time and make sure I am apportioning my time in the correct way. 

Other apps that are available that I use frequently are CaptoMoneyWizGeminiBe FocusediThoughts X (a great Mindmapping application), UnclutterSquashHazeOverScreensTripModeiMazeing and Marked. I’d use more, however, I just haven’t had the time to go through them yet (I’m using less than half of the apps on offer!)

For $9.99 a month, using Setapp is a real no-brainer.

To view the apps on offer, click here. There have been at least ten apps added since I took out my subscription three months ago and this is only going to grow. 

Get it now!