Schedule a Quick Wins Day

Sometimes, when you are carrying out your Weekly Review, or pouring over your To-Do list, it can get disheartening. The list of things you would love to get done seems to be growing!! Yes, you are able to get your Flagged tasks, or 'Most Important Tasks' completed but what about those small jobs, the ones that you know would only take you ten or fifteen minutes to complete, never to be seen again?

I try to counter this by having what I call a *Quick Wins Day*. This is essentially a day that is dedicated solely to those small tasks. The only tasks that end up on my To-Do list that I wouldn't ordinarily consider to be a 'Quick Win' are tasks that *have* to be completed on that particular day otherwise my life, as we know it, will not be worth living!

As for the frequency of this 'Quick Wins Day', well I currently aim for one every couple of weeks. I've got things setup to the point that there is minimal impact to my core projects by having it fortnightly. Your situation will of course be different. You may not be able to have them as often as that, which is of course fine - it's all relative to how comfortable you are with the idea. We put systems in place to ensure we have that element of control over the tasks that we do, so having a 'Quick Wins Day' more often than we should taks that comfort away and leads to anxiety, which leads to procrastination and that whole shame cycle we all find ourselves going through!

I always feel like I've made real progress with my life after a 'Quick Wins Day" and i strongly encourage you to consider the idea and let me know how it works for you.