Review - Spigen Volt Pack Case for iPhone 6/6S


I decided recently that as part of the move to the 6S, I would get a new case to go with it at the same time. As much as I love the form factor and look of the new iPhones, I’m so insanely clumsy that I have to protect them as much as possible if I’m going to resell them for a decent sum of money. 

After some research, and being a bit of a Spigen fan-boy, I settled on the Spigen Volt Packfor the iPhone 6s (compatible with the 6 as well). This was the first time I’d opted for a case with a built-in battery. The main reason for this is because my next contract is going to involve a lot of travel and I’m going to find myself away from a charger a lot of the time. Yes, I’ve got a great Anker backup charger but sometimes, it can look messy if you are in a formal environment and it’s not always convenient to use, especially when working. 

So I went for the Spigen Volt Pack, with a back-up case in mind because I was sure this would be too heavy or clumpy for practical use. 

No, not the case at all. 

The case looks and feels great. Yes, it’s not the lightest case in the world but it carries a 3100mAh battery in it - they are not weightless yet. I don’t find it too heavy at all. In fact, it makes me feel a lot safer with the phone knowing that there is a lot more purchase in the way I grip and hold it. Visually, I’m very happy. 

The case comes in two parts, with the phone sliding into the rear charging section easily. Then, an interchangeable front frame snaps on. Putting it together is easy yet I have to say I’m still finding the easiest way to take the phone out. I currently run my thumbnail lightly along the side of the case where the front and rear sections of the case join. They slowly part and I’m able to apply more pressure and separate them, removing the phone. I’m hoping I find an easier way soon though because this doesn’t seem optimal. 

There are also two frames that come with the case, one black, one space crystal, both looking great. 

When you need to charge the phone, there is a power button on the rear of the case and with a firm push, you hear the familiar chime of your phone starting it’s charge cycle. Four LED lights indicate how much charge you have available and if charge runs down in the case, it is recharged via a Micro-USB socket. 


I’ve been able to fully charge my iPhone 6 from 10% to full and still have two LEDs lit, so this is definitely going to be enough for me. 

I love the case. There are a couple of negative reviews on the US Amazon site, whereby they indicate that their phones reported this was not an official connector. I can certainly say that this hasn’t happened with me and it is clearly shown to be MFi certified. This is Spigen, not Dodgy Dave from Dagenham so I fully believe this is Apple certified and they merely had an unfortunate experience. The positive reviews massively outweight it. 

If you’re after a battery case for your new 6S and are prepared for the fact your lovely device is going to have a little more bulk to it, you could go a lot worse than by purchasing the Spigen Volt Pack