Renaming Downloaded Images with Hazel

I've decided that every single blog post I do should be accompanied by an image file. Not very scientific, basic common sense really, which is something I can safely say I lack from time to time. So in order to find these images, I do what everyone else on this planet does in the same situation and trawl through Google to find one that suits my needs. 

The problem I have, however, is as follows. When I download the files and then try to find them in Finder, when I look in the Downloads folder, instead of finding a jpeg file, I find a file that is simply called Unknown. 

Now this isn't really a problem. I can simply Ctrl + Click, rename to (filename).jpeg and it magically turns into an image file again. This is OK in principle, but I don't want to have to do this workflow every time I download an image file. This is quite time-consuming when you multiply it out over the course of a month. 

Cue Hazel....again. 

After configuration, Hazel now looks at my Downloads folder and looks for files contained within that are called Unknown. It will rename them to the Current Date #.jpg (for example, 2014-07-18 1.jpg). 

This happens within around 3-5 seconds of me downloading the file. Absolutely brilliant. 

What I also decided to do, in order to keep things nice and tidy, is to automatically move those files into a Dropbox folder called Website Images - and it tags them as well, with the same name, in readiness for any potential iOS 8 interaction.