Quick Tip - TextExpander - Disable Expansion

Those of you who use TextExpander often will have come across this scenario at some point I'm sure. You are busy typing, minding your own business, when all of a sudden you'll hear the familiar 'ting' sound, indicating that you have unwittingly activated a snippet. Thinking you have made a mistake, you delete the text that has just been expanded and re-type in the text.


Once more, the snippet activates and you are left scratching your head. You need to type the characters, but you don't want TextExpander to work it's magic. You just want it to take a break. Well in this situation, you have two options:

Use a Hotkey to Deactivate Expansion

If you go to Preferences and select the HotKeys tab, you can pick a key combination to press that will enable/disable TextExpander.

Use direction arrows

A lesser known tip is to press the Left arrow key Followed by the Right arrow key when you have started to type your snippet. This simple action will tell TextExpander that you do not wish for this abbreviation to be expanded. Whenever you type an abbreviation and interrupt it with cursor movement, TextExpander will disregard it.

Handy to know if you ever run into this issue.