PopClip - My Extensions

I've had the dubious pleasure of being able to configure a new MacBook Pro (the old one died - long story, but one with an ultimately happy ending). I've listened to many podcasts from people I have long admired, who discuss the first applications that they install when they are faced with a new machine.

The usual suspects, rightly, appear. Dropbox, 1Password, TextExpander, Evernote, Hazel - all tools I use everyday. However there is one that frequently fails to be mentioned and I noticed it's absence within five minutes of writing my first article.

PopClip by Pilot Moon Software.

PopClip is a superb copy and paste tool that can, with one click of the mouse, automatically take text from a source and perform an action with it.

Out of the box, it comes with eight standard actions: Open Link, Search, Cut, Copy, Paste, Reveal In Finder, Use Address and Dictionary. However, one click of the + button on the settings section will take you to a web page that allows you to download a slew of add-ons.

I'm just going to highlight the ones that I have downloaded myself and use regularly. I use less than half of the integrations that are available, so I encourage you to visit the guys at PopClip and see the benefits you can get from this fine application.

  • Brackets: Put Brackets around the selected text, choosing from (), [], {} and <>
  • Word Count: Display the total amount of words in the selected text
  • Google Translate: Open Google Translator and translate the selected text
  • Evernote: Send the text to Evernote
  • nvALT: Create a note in nvALT
  • Day One: Make a journal entry using Day One
  • DEVONthink Pro: Clip the selected text to your DEVONthink Pro Inbox, or search your open databases for the text.
  • Simplenote: Send the text to Simplenote
  • OmniFocus: Select the text and create a new task in OmniFocus (at this point, I'll say that Wunderlist, Reminders, Todoist, Due, 2Do, Things, Taskpaper are also covered)
  • Email: Create a new message with the default email client
  • Alfred: Activate Alfred with the selected text
  • TextExpander: Create a TextExpander snippet with the selected text
  • Messages: Create a new iMessage
  • Google: Perform a web search using Google
  • Amazon: Search for Products on Amazon
  • YouTube: Search for videos on YouTube
  • Google Maps: Search Google Maps for a location
  • Tweetbot: Compose a new tweet using Tweetbot
  • Spotify: Search for music on Spotify
  • Bitly: Shorten the selected URL using Bitly
  • Pocket: Save the URL to view later with Pocket
  • Open in Chrome: Open the link in Google Chrome (Chrome is not my default, hence choosing this. There is one for Safari to if you are the opposite of myself)
  • Skype: Call the phone number with Skype
  • Convert: Conert between values in metric and imperial units
  • Sort: Sort the selected lines, removing duplicates.

Wow - I tell you, it's only when you type them out that you realise exactly how many extensions you use (as said, I use less than half - maybe even less than a THIRD of the ones that are available). You can see the use case for yourself and the time it could save you, so give it a try. You can download a free trial here