Password Protection in Apple Notes on iOS

Christmas time is almost upon us and if you are anything like me, you'll know that organisation is all important. There is much to do in what appears to be so little time. So when I come across something that I think may be a good idea for a gift, whether I'm in a shop or browsing the web, I need a quick, secure way of recording it.

As these will be notes and images will be deleted soon after the Christmas period, I don't need to keep them in a long-term storage solution such as DEVONthink Pro Office - instead, I find that Apple Notes does a great job. The share extension captures everything I need in an efficient manner.

The worry comes when I let my children on my phone. It would be easy to pull up the Notes application and see everything that Father Christmas is planning on delivering. That's why I was so pleased to see, from iOS 9.3 onwards, the ability to password protect certain sensitive notes.

The process is simple.

Firstly, you need to go into Settings -> Notes -> Password


From here, you need to select one password for locking any notes you wish to protect. So to be clear, that's not an individual password per note, but one generic password you will use as the trigger.

You can also select to use Touch ID to lock your notes if that is your preference.

Now, if you head back into the Notes application, select the note you wish to protect.

Click on the Share arrow in the top right hand corner and you will see a new option appear in the bottom row of icons - Lock Note.

Selecting this will result in a prompt for the password you entered earlier, or your fingerprint should you have Touch ID enabled.

Hey presto, your note is locked!

Should ensure some surprises on Christmas Day for at least one more year.