Opening Chrome Bookmarks with Alfred

Alfred is a fantastic launcher utility for macOS and I couldn’t tell you how many times I use it during a typical working day. Whether it’s performing basic web searches, opening applications or even converting currency, Alfred is my go-to tool. 

Another use that I have for it is opening bookmarks. Configuring Alfred to open bookmarks within Safari is an easy process, which I will outline shortly, however opening them from within Chrome is a different prospect. If this is something you need - I’ve got you covered. 

Opening Safari Bookmarks in Alfred

It would be remiss of me to get to the nuts and bolts of launching Chrome bookmarks without briefly showing you how easy it is to tweak Alfred to open Safari bookmarks. 

1) Open Alfred Preferences - if you launch Alfred and start typing Alfred, you will see the option to launch Alfred preferences at the bottom

2) Select Default Results and ensure you have Bookmarks - Safari ticked. 

When you start typing any letters contained within a Safari bookmark, it will now appear as a launchable item in Alfred.

Opening Chrome Bookmarks in Alfred

If, like me, you use Chrome for the majority of your web browsing, then you are going to need to leverage the Alfred Powerpack to open a workflow for this. 

The Powerpack pricing is displayed below.

Once installed, follow the instructions below:

1) Find the Chrome Bookmarks workflow - If you visit the following page at Packal, the home of Alfred workflows, you will see the workflow you need. Click the Download button. 

2) Install - once downloaded, double-click the file and follow the prompts to import the workflow into Alfred. You can assign the workflow a categoryif you so wish from the drop down box. Click Import.

3) Specify the Keyword - there are three components to the workflow. If you double-click on the Script Filter block, you will see that the default keyword is ,b. This means that when you invoke Alfred, typing ,b will tell Alfred that any following text will represent a bookmark within Chrome that you wish to open. I have changed this keyword to cb (Chrome Bookmark) as I find this easier to remember. This is key when you start adding workflows to Alfred, all requiring a new keyword.

Click Save and you are good to go! Open Alfred, type your keyword and start opening any saved bookmarks within Chrome quickly and easily.