OmniFocus Shortcuts

I'm a huge advocate of keyboard shortcuts.

I'm a great fan of OmniFocus 2.

I go nuts for the Keyboard Shortcuts in OmniFocus 2

The core shortcuts can be seen in the image below, however this doesn't cover all of them. There are a few others that are well and truly 'muscle memory' for me that I use now without thinking.

⌘ ' - this opens up the Notes field on a selected action. As I've previously posted, I use the Notes field a LOT and this shortcut is used countless times daily. (To close the field, press ctrl ⌘ ' together).

Capture to OmniFocus - this is shortcut you configure yourself, in the General section of OmniFocus Preferences. This is a great shortcut and can be used to send any selected text, webpage or file directly to OmniFocus, for processing at a time of your choosing.

You will see that my Shortcut is set to ⌃⌘⬆⌥O. I actually only use the Caps Lock button with O thanks to the hack I was able to implement here

⌘ } and ⌘ [ - these shortcuts Indent and Outdent tasks respectively. OmniOutliner users will be more than familiar with this and is convenient when breaking projects down into sub-projects.

Quick post that I hope helps some of you use this great application a little more efficiently.