OmniFocus Resources

I love the New Year. Not because I'm big on resolutions or anything like that - as a lot of you know, I don't do New Year's Resolutions. The desire to change, to improve and to tweak systems is something that should take place over the course of the year as opposed to one specific time-frame. No, I love the New Year because invariably I return to my office after a nice break, which gives me time to relax, reflect and refresh my systems accordingly.

If the obvious pun can be forgiven, I'm going to be focusing a lot this month on my OmniFocus 2 setup. There are areas there which I feel could do with some improvement. I made the intentional decision to drop energy levels as contexts last year, however there have been times when I really wish I still had them. Also, I need to setup recurring checks on the Custom Perspectives that I have defined, as there have been occasions where I have missed important tasks, solely because the base system I have in place hasn't quite been efficient enough.

I'm going to be using the following resources over the next few weeks to help me brainstorm some new ideas to deal with a couple of the issues they have and I strongly encourage you to look at them as well if you are looking at making any kind of change to your OmniFocus 2 setup.

LearnOmniFocus - Tim Stringer has created a fantastic resource site for OmniFocus content. With videos (both free and paid) available to watch on-demand, he offers a calm and measured training approach to an admittedly tough learning curve if you are starting from scratch. Well worth a look.

SimplicityBliss - Sven Fechner is a geek with a passion for OmniFocus and his site is a treasure trove of ideas for the development of perspectives and contexts.

MacSparky Video Field Guide - David Sparks released a video field guide last year that is still sitting in my iTunes Videos folder. I've referred back to it that much.

Working With OmniFocus - I treated myself to this over the holiday season and am looking forward to starting to read it tonight. Joe Buhlig has appeared on numerous podcasts recently, not least of all is own one that he has just started, Whaddya Know Joe. He has some great ideas for automation with OmniFocus which are well worth reading.

Creating Flow with OmniFocus 2 - to date, the best book I have read on any Apple specific application. Ideal for beginners and advanced users alike, Creating Flow with OmniFocus 2 is an amazing book and Kourosh Dini shows a great talent in breaking complex operations down into manageable chunks.

If you've come across any other useful OmniFocus resources then I'd love to know about them - let me know!