OmniFocus and 3D Touch

If you are an OmniFocus and are in the fortunate position of having a 3D Touch enabled device, there are some great things you can do to further speed the entry and manipulation of common functions. 

3D Touch - Home Page

If you force touch on the OmniFocus icon, you will see several options. At the top, you have the familiar “Share Application”, which appears with all apps. Then below, is a configurable perspective you can have as a shortcut (I’ll show you how to configure this later). I have mine set as my own custom Dashboard perspective, although I’m considering changing this to Errands. I use OmniFocus on my iPhone when I’m predominantly on the move and a lot of them, I’m running errands for the family!

Below this is the Home screen and this makes perfect sense. When you go into OmniFocus directly from the app icon, it will show you the last screen you had open and more often than not, you want to go into a different perspective. 

Lastly, we have New Inbox Item. Now as I use Drafts for ALL of my initial text entry into my iPhone, this isn’t an option I use however I can see how this is important for others.


There is also a pretty sweet Widget available and configuring this is easy. First, within the application, go to Settings -> Today and Watch and you will see that you can choose the Perspective that will be displayed by default. (This is also the perspective that you see as the second option down in 3D Touch). If you want to show a Custom Perspective, then flip the toggle and choose. 

It is as simple as that. Activate the widget as you would for any other, by swiping to the right on your Home screen, then head to the bottom and choose Edit to select OmniFocus from the list of available applications.

Peek and Pop

Finally, we have Peek and Pop which is great. Find a task and then long press. When you swipe upwards, you’ll see some options. You can Flag the task, Reschedule to Today or Tomorrow or Delete the task. 

Some quick tips there that may have lay undiscovered.