OmniFocus 2 - GTD to the next level

It's here and it's fantastic. I could leave that as the review, and believe me it's tempting because I'm itching to get back and start configuring some more contexts and perspectives after doing some more productivity research from sites like Asian Efficiency and Simplicity Bliss - I need to be a tad more detailed though, so here goes. 

For the uninitiated, GTD stands for Getting Things Done and it involves dumping everything you need to do or might need to do into a trusted system, and then organizing those tasks. You don't organise them in order of importance, yet by a context of where or when you can complete those tasks.

For example, you could have a context called Phone whereby you have listed all of the tasks that you can possible make while you are by your phone. You can configure further sub contexts, so Phone could be split into two separate contexts, called Office Phone and Home Phone. You could have a context called Low Energy, whereby you will only have jobs listed in your To-Do List that you have specified in this context and are jobs that require very little brain power or energy. Changing your desktop wallpaper, taking out the rubbish bins, hoovering etc. 

In essence, if the GTD principle is followed correctly, you will always be doing the right task, at the right time, dependant on where you are and the amount of energy you have. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Well, not with OmniFocus2. I've got every iteration now, so it's all synced between my iPhone, iPad and Mac and I'm never short of things to do. My eldest daughter constantly bemoans me because I am, in her eyes, TOO organised! I don't have a problem with that at the moment!

Over the coming weeks, as I configure the updated version more, I will outline how I use it day to day, which contexts and perspectives I have and how it improves my life. I'll also create a couple of video tutorials on how this is done. 

Some important links to help you learn how to use it are below:

OmniGroup - The makers of this fantastic product - video tutorials

Asian Efficiency - Productivity Site that sell an OmniFocus Premium set of posts. 

Simplicity Bliss - OmniFocus Power User and productivity guru. 

Check them out - and email me if you have any questions on my real world day to day use.