Noizio - Zen-like Sounds for Creative Work

Time for another rather abstract tool for productivity on the Mac. Last week I wrote about games that I find are great for winding down and improving my overall productivity levels. Well, on that note, I've discovered a great application that helps set the tone (no pun intended) for my work environment and allows me to concentrate on the task at hand with no interruptions.

Noizio is an ambient sound equaliser that flushes away all of the noise in your office or work environment, replacing them with a configurable mix of sounds.

  • October Rain
  • Coffee House
  • Thunderstorm
  • Campfire
  • Winter Wind
  • Sea Waves
  • River Stream
  • Summer Night
  • Sunny Day
  • Deep Space
  • Sailing Yacht
  • Inside Train
  • On The Farm
  • Wind Chimes
  • Blue Whales

You can have as few, or as many sounds running at once as you like with adjustable volume levels for each. I love the sound of the Campfire alongside the Sea Waves as it brings back images of when we used to have BBQs on the beach as teenagers. When it's dark outside, the Thunderstorm noise is wonderful. Once you have created the mix you like, this can be saved so that it's easy to call on later. You can have as many different combinations (or mixtures in Noizio-speak) as you like.


When I need to block out time for creative work, or just need to focus on a specific task without interruption, I put my devices onto Do Not Disturb and fire up Noizio (it's available on both iOS and OSX, free) and my mind moves into the zen type state that is so rare in our busy, always-on world.