Need to learn? Go see Lynda is my go to place for the majority of my technical learning currently. I love it because when I list everything that I'm currently studying, there is a course available on 

So for me, we have HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Project Management, Productivity Tips, Managing Time and People, OSX Mavericks inside and out, AppleScript. An awful lot on my plate and I actually blame for this to an extent because they have so many courses available, it's impossible to resist them! 

It's a subscription based model and the package I have costs £15 per month which gives me access on all of my devices. The courses are presented by true experts in their fields and the quality of the videos is fantastic. Here is also a transcript dormitory to follow along with. If you pay for a higher level subscription you can download for Offlie use as well as use Exercise files to follow along with.

Check the site out - they offer a 7 day free trial so you can see the full range of videos and try before you buy but if you are serious about a career in IT, you will be subscribing. Ask your boss to expense it, they'll certainly get the benefit!