My Posts Of The Week - 15/6/2015


Last week was a great week for written content on Productivity. I found some great articles which I know followers here will enjoy:

Productivity Experimentation: A Case Study For Writing is a great piece written by Mike Dariano of Productivityist where he advocates the use of experimentation when it comes to finding your ideal system. 

Organising Ideas That Look Neat Too is a really fun little read that has resonance with a lot of people out there. Kayla Matthews guest-posts on Asian Efficiency with this one and I picked up a lot of good ideas for the home from it. 

Another pick from Asian Efficiency this week is The Domino Effect Of Changewhich helps to reinforce the widely held notion that it only takes small steps to make one large difference. 

Lastly, a guest post on Productivityist from Michael Rank about Rigorous Note Taking - something that I need to work on. 

Check the above articles out - they’ve been the highlights of my week so far. 

If you have any content that you would like to alert me to, then feel free to email me at and I’ll check them out.