My Photos Workflow - thanks to CameraSync

Since acquiring my iPhone 5S, my camera usage has gone up. Now I've never been into photography and never will. It's not my bag. I mean I enjoy snapping the kids and preserving some special memories but I've never been into the whole photography gig, using DSLR's and whatnot - not my thing. 

I do, however, want to be sure that the few photos that I take are dealt with efficiently, always available and by using as little effort as possible. 

Thankfully, I've been able to develop a workflow that achieves this. 

1) CameraSync

CameraSync is a superb app for the iPhone and I recommend it wholeheartedly. I know that Dropbox uploading is free, as opposed to CameraSync being £1.99, however the features that CameraSync comes with elevate it above the competition. Thanks to CameraSync, I can:

  • Automatically upload my photos to Google Drive
  • Decide which folder(s) will be uploaded - Camera Roll, My Photo Stream, any individual streams etc. 
  • Stop syncing screenshots - something that's been a constant annoyance to me. 
  • Sync Videos together with photos
  • Sync over 3G/4G if I like, or only when I'm on a WiFi connection
  • Set reminders to Sync at certain times. 
  • Only sync in certain locations, such as at home, in the office etc

That's a good feature list as I'm sure you will agree. 

So what I do is set it to automatically sync My Photo Stream. I've set my iPhone to NOT save Burst Photos to my Photo Stream to help trim the amount of photos being uploaded. 

Once these are synced and I have a folder on Google Drive with all of my photos, the next piece of magic happens on my MacBook Pro when I login

2) Hazel

Has to be Hazel really doesn't it! Hazel watches the photo/video upload folder in Google Drive and performs the following rules:

I used to rename my media and video files when they synced across, however one of the great things about CameraSync is the filenames used include the date the photo was taken - so I'm keeping the filenames as they are. 

What Hazel is doing above is taking the media files and sorting them into Subfolders based on the date they were added to Google Drive. The folder will be along the lines of 2014 - 8 - Photos. This ensures they are in sequence in Finder.

 Seeing as I have an OmniFocus reminder set to run every day to remind me to run CameraSync, this isn't a problem for me at all to have the folders setup like this and the times I'll have a file slip into the wrong folder are very few and far between. Mainly if I take a photo towards the end of the month, late at night. Not a problem for me at all. If I was that worried, I could set up another Hazel rule on the subfolder to ensure that any files with '- 09' in the filename are moved to the appropriate folder. It's all do-able. 

So that's how my photos are managed. Precious little effort really other than paying £1.99 for a wicked app and running Camera Sync every so often.