My OmniFocus 2 Perspectives - Updated

Well I've got the bug - that's the truth and I have been working on my OmniFocus perspectives a lot now. I love the Perspectives in OmniFocus. It's a handy way of grouping together associated tasks dependant on where you are, what mood you are in, how much time you have to hand, who you are currently meeting with - any context you like really and it's a very handy tool to have to hand and I live by it. 

I've pretty much narrowed my Perspective list down to the following. You can follow them, you can think they are ridiculous - it's completely down to you. I don't think anybody will have two perspective lists that are exactly the same because they have to suit your method of working, your personality and your nature and no two people are the same, so how can these views be?

So, as well as the built-in Perspective Views, I have the following (some of these copy yesterday's post which I apologise for kind of. 

I'm Whacked

There are times when my energy levels are so low you have to dig for them. This doesn't mean that I still don't want to accomplish things and achieve, however - therefore I have a Perspective that covers all tasks I have given a context of Low Energy or Brain Dead. It looks like this...

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.41.29.png

Quick Wins

Sometimes, you may have a ten or fifteen minute gap where you are able to get something done quick, however it can take you ten minutes to find a suitable task if you don't have them organised properly! Hence my Quick Wins perspective. All tasks are under 15 minutes in this view. 


This Perspective is essentially a quick view of all my Routines, things that need to be done on a regular basis. Essentially, this is good at the weekend when there are tasks I can do around the house. 


Sometimes I will have a day where I fly through tasks in my OmniFocus lists, checking them off like mad, but not necessarily spending the time to work out what the next tasks I need to assign is. These are in the Stalled Perspective


Aaah, the Today perspective. Every serious OmniFocus users best friend. I need to know what is due today as well as high priority tasks that may not necessarily be due today, but if I clear todays scheduled tasks I want to start on them. This Perspective ensures that Flagged actions are in view as well as Due ones. 


I'm fortunate enough to be in a position where I am able to delegate tasks to others. However I am in an unfortunate position whereby I need to follow up on them frequently! Therefore a quick view of the actions I have assigned to others is handy, and the Waiting perspective provides just that. 

So there we are, that's where we at the moment with mine however I'll be reviewing them as I study the software more. If you want to look at more ideas for perspectives, be sure to check out the blog by my guru, David Sparks here, Brett Kelly, the Evernote master and Sven at Simplicity Bliss, the go-to man for productivity advice.