My Recommended Laptop Bag

Slightly abstract, but this one is for those of you who have to carry your technology when you are out and about. The right bag can be crucial in order to make sure you don't damage your equipment or, more importantly, yourself!

As I can end up carrying a LOT around with me, I like to have a rucksack style back to avoid wear and tear on my shoulder and I've been through a fair number over the last few years - however the one I am using currently has lasted over twelve months now and is still in great condition.

The Wenger 600638 IBEX 17" Laptop Bag is like a Tardis when you open it up! I can safely store my MacBook Pro, iPad, power supplies, Moleskin, lunch, peripherals - it all fits and it's a great piece of design. It's rugged, durable and I can't recommend it enough.

I'm not going to bang on about it here - check the Amazon link out here if you are looking to upgrade your current laptop case.