My Head is like RAM - it's a fact

I say this all the time, it seems to be a very popular statement in my house - well, for me anyway. But what does it mean? Well, for the uninitiated, RAM stands for Random Access Memory and, in it's simplest form, is the most common form of storage device found in a computing device that can read and write data - that is until it's switched off, whereupon all data is flushed. Now, my head is exactly like that. My wife would ask me to fetch something from the shops or, as is most often the case, do some minor piece of DIY around the house and I'd respond accordingly, saying I'd do it soon. Time would tick by, something else would tug at those loose threads in my brain and lo and behold, I've forgotten what it was that I was asked to, more often than not I've forgotten that I was even asked to do something in the first place - and so unhappiness is born!

When a machine caches information in RAM, it can be kept permanently by writing to a hard disk of some description. Our brains are the same and so whenever I'm asked to anything, whenever I see anything I like, whenever there is anything at all that I think would benefit from being captured, I note in some form of trusted system that I know I'm going to revisit on a regular basis. For me, that's OmniFocus however the built-in Reminders app does a very good job of nudging you whenever you need it. The people at the OmniGroup do a fantastic job with this product and it is heavily geared around the Getting Things Done methodology that I subscribe to as religiously as I can.

 I'm going to be putting out some more productivity posts that take my day to day approaches to situations and workflows in a lot more detail so subscribe to the feed below for more updates over the coming months.