My Favourite iOS9 Features


I upgraded to iOS9 yesterday and so far I’m really pleased with it. I’m not going to write some in-depth review because I wouldn’t be able to do it half as well as the other guys who are frantically releasing them at the moment. No sir. I’m too busy enjoying what it has to offer. 

Some of the more commercially known features, like Notes and Slide Over are great and work really well, however there are some more subtle changes that I wanted to highlight that make me happy. 

Remind Me About This is great. Whether you are looking at an SMS message, a web page or an email, you can invoke Siri and ask it to remind you about what ever it is and Siri will scan through for appropriate information, creating a reminder in your specified Default List when complete. 

Multiple Selection Of Photos is awesome. Instead of having to manually select photos one by one, you can touch the upper right hand corner of the Photos app and drag your finger over the photos you would like to select. Great and a long time coming. 

Use Wifi Assist when Speed Is Slow another feature we have been crying out for and is now here. We have all been there. We’re wondering why our browser is crawling along, or mail seems to be taken an age to refresh and we look at the wifi icon to see one bar. Well, with this option ticked, it will revert to 3G/4G as appropriate when this happens. If you have a limited data plan then you may need to be wary about selecting this, however I’m fortunate enough to have unlimited data, so it’s ticked for me. You can find it in Settings -> Mobile Data


Unknown Numbers are Cross-Referenced with EMails. This is actually a real game-changer for me. If I don’t know a number, I don’t answer it, plain and simple. I don’t want to be interrupted from my workflow by someone I don’t know, I like to be prepared when I’m going into a conversation. Siri’s now intelligent enough to look at the number coming in, browse through your emails to see if there is an occurrence there and will suggest that the sender is the person that is calling. I LOVE this feature. Love it, Love it, Love it. 

Install Updates Later When iOS 9.1 is released, you will be able to schedule the update to install overnight, while your phone is charging. Makes perfect sense. This is the optimal time to perform the install as they can take some time to perform. Why not do it while you sleep?