My Apps - BusyContacts


I used to have a real problem with Contacts on OS X. There would be continuous synchronisation problems (we all know about Apple’s history with cloud services) and I would frequently find myself with corrupt or missing data. The interface too was nowhere near as sharp and defined as you would expect from Apple. It was feature-light and not designed for the power users amongst us. 

Thankfully, the team behind BusyCal have addressed this problem with BusyContacts. I have been using it since it was first released earlier this year and I’ve only just been tapping into the extra functionality that it offers. 


Tags are right up there in my favourite features of BusyContacts. Now, you can assign multiple tags to each contact. I have tags for the various client business I help, Family, Recruitment Consultants, Software Companies and more. 

Smart Filters

As time goes on, we all develop a large contact database and trawling through to find the name you are after can be hard. Even a simple search can be problematic with a large enough database. Smart Filters are able to filter your contacts and store saved searches which are easily accessed. 

Integration with BusyCal

This is great. You can link your contacts with Calendar events, allowing the two applications to function together as a light-weight CRM solution (utilise the detailed Notes sections available for each contact and this is a real possibility)

Social Network Integration

I’ve got all of my Twitter and LinkedIn contacts now available in BusyContacts. (I’m not a heavy Facebook user anymore yet if I was, this is an option too). Whilst you may not navigate your Twitter list often, this feature is useful because you can integrate your contacts social network information onto their primary contact card. One card with all of the standard details plus social network information. Nice. 

Activity List

Possibly my favorite, especially when combined with Social Network Integration and BusyCal. You are able to have a pane displayed that shows you a history of emails, tweets, status updates and appointments that you have had with a particular contact. Again, great for CRM purposes. 

BusyContacts really is superb. It’s beautiful to look at, so easy to use and is unrivalled, in my opinion, as the best Contacts solution for OS X. I use mine as a CRM now for my small business and it suits all of my needs.