Mouse Display with Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro is a great tool for automating commonly used actions on the Mac. These actions can be invoked in many different ways, from a standard keystroke, script invokation or through application and system actions. It's VERY powerful and I'm planning a deep dive into this amazing piece of software over the course of the coming months.

It's currently in Version 7 and this upgrade brought about some great additions to it's already bulky feature-set. The one I want to bring to your attention is called Mouse Display.

When creating certain macros, there are times where you may wish to automate the clicking of the mouse button when the cursor is in a certain position on the screen - it could be for a button on webpage, activating a menu - anything that involves physically clicking the mouse/trackpad in a specific place. However, guessing the co-ordinates that needed to be entered was always a problem.

This is now a far simpler process. Simply open Keyboard Maestro and select Window -> Mouse Display (or click ⌘+5).

You will be presented with a small pop-up window that has, on the left hand side, a minitature screen display for you to select your relative corner (co-ordinates are only accurate based on the corner of the screen defined as 'home'), a padlock icon, co-ordinate numbers and clipboards.

The way I gather my co-ordinates is to select the top left of either the whole desktop, or the running application (dependant on my macro's needs) and then select the padlock icon. This then gives me five seconds to place my cursor on the desired location. Once that is done, and the countdown timer is completed, I click the clipboard icons and copy the co-ordinates to my macro.

I'm so pleased that the developer included this functionality. It's been requested on the forums for a while and it's clear that, as users, we are listened to and our comments are taken seriously. It garners a lot of faith and trust in the product and, in turn, loyalty - I love it!