Modifying CapsLock on OS X

I'm currently undergoing something of a 'Notes' renaissance. I'm trying to move myself away from Evernote and develop a systems that allows me to store all of my notes both in plain text, and in plain sight of any application that needs to access them. 

To this end, I've now settled on [nvALT] from the great Brett Terpstra as my go-to Notes application on my Mac. 

Now another thing I'm trying to improve on, is my use of keyboard shortcuts and macros to open applications. The problem I find is, like many of you, the shortcuts I try to use are already taken, globally, somewhere else. Well, thanks to this great link from the aforementioned Brett Terpstra, I've been able to decommission my Caps Lock key and change it's function. Now, when I press Caps Lock, it will simulate a fn+ctrl+alt+cmd keystroke instead. This is so, so handy!! Now, a simple depression of Caps Lock + n will bring nvALT to the foreground and I can start capturing and, as well as this, I've configured Keyboard Maestro to open applications with two keys, Caps Lock + whichever one I see fit. 

There are some updates to the post to note. The first application Brett references is PCKeyboardHack which is now known as Seil and KeyRemap4MacBook is now known as Karabiner, however the process required to create the key-mapping stays constant. 

I'm not going to describe how to do the remapping here - Brett deserves the hits on his post and credit so please, click here if you want to make your Caps Lock key, well, useful!